With our new matteboxes you have the complete freedom. Because of the modular concept, you can add filterstages for every need, rotating or vertical, with rods support or without, for the one more filter you need, in seconds.

And if you want to add something,, maybe an eyelight with KinoFlos very close to the lens axis, every part is userfriendly and easy replaceable, you can use every screw and bolt from your hardwarestore. Holes to fix are quick and easy drilled, you don´t need to worry too much, because the parts are cheap and can be ordered separately.

  Or you can reduce weight by taking off the unused modules for shoulder or handheld camera, to reduce in size and weight, although the single stages are very lightweight due to the material.


Our material is highly precise black foamed PVC.

The foamed PVC is a rigid pastic material with a particularly fine and homogeneous cell structure and a silky matt surface. It is one of the lightest material of its kind but has high rigidity and remains stable even after intensive usage.