"lensmount80" w/o rodssupport

incl. all screws & nuts

dia. 80mm for dia.77mm-lenses, fits every lens with step-up rings, 77mm-step-up ring has 80mm outer diameter,

other diameters on request


incl. all screws & nuts

large diameter for HVX200, fits on HVX200, DVX100 and all other Sony and Canon cameras.

dia. 85mm for dia.82mm-lenses, fits every lens with 82mm-step-up ring or 82mm filter with 85mm outer diameter,

The "clip-on" lensmount is available for the 0.6 Century (= 95mm) and the 0.75 Century (=105mm) too.

"lensmountHVX" w/o rodssupport

incl. all screws & nuts

bayonet mount matches to the one of the Panasonic HVX200, fits to the HVX200 without any step-up ring

other bayonet mounts for the DVX100 and the Sony Z1 available

set of three: ring50, ring60, ring70

The rings have an inner diameter of 50mm, 60mm or 70mm to fit on 52mm/55mm, 62mm/67mm or 72mm/77mm lens diameters. The outer diameter is 120mm. They are made of soft black foam rubber, 3mm thick.

When you use your mattebox with rods support the rings are always a perfect fit. If you want to use for example the ARRI standard primes or other lenses without inner focusing with 80mm diameter, you should use the ring70, because the length of the lens is varying while focusing, but your matebox can´t move because it is fixed on the rods. And if you want to use still photography lenses like old manual focus lenses with smaller diameter, you should use the complete set for different diameters. You avoid light coming through the gap between the lens and the lensmount...

If you clip-on the mattebox, you don´t need them, but even then they give you safety...